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Covid 19 Becomes Inactive in Swimming Pool Water After 30 Seconds

Posted: 2021-05-08, in category: Swimming Pool Maintenance

Refurbished Swimming Pools, Water Filtration, Pool Maintenance Services, Therapy Pools, Blokit Pools   According to Swim England, a recent study determined that Covid 19 becomes inactive in a swimming pool in about 30 seconds. This is dependent on the right conditions revealed virologists at Imperial College London. This is good news for lovers of this… Read more »

The Rise of Public Swimming Pools in the UK

Posted: 2020-04-22, in category: Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming, Diving, Leisure & Therapy Pool Maintenance, Water Filtration Installation, Balance Tank Cleaning The Industrial Revolution saw the emergence of slum accommodation, to house the many labourers brought to cities like London. Living conditions here were unsociable and unhygienic giving rise to widespread health problems. Around the same time there were many drowning deaths in… Read more »