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Swimming Pool Spares for High Performance

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Swimming pools may seem tranquil and relaxing, but their various parts are working away and out of sight to keep your water temperature stable, make sure the water is clean, and hold bacteria and other nasties at bay. This is the reason of course that the quality of spare parts for swimming pools is a major factor in how they function. We offer a range of high performance pumps, filters, chemical controllers and poolside systems from names like Giant, Sta-Rite, Hurricane, Atika, Lacron and Compact.

The heart of your swimming pool is it’s pump, so it is important to ensure the correct product for your particular pool or spa. A properly working, well maintained pump is crucial to the health of your pool, and the comfort of its users. We have strong and durable pumps in a selection of sizes and specifications, like the Self Priming Circulating Pump, which comprises of a single fibreglass pump body, and a clear lid to enable inspection of the pump basket.

Precision moulded from reinforced fibreglass, the Sta-rite 5P2R series of pumps will resist corrosion and are unaffected by extreme temperatures. Robust and lightweight, their heavy duty motor can withstand an exceptional amount of high pressure, and will perform perfectly thanks to materials such as high grade stainless steel and thermoplastic material.

Our DAB Commercial Pump features a cast iron body and impeller, and is self priming, while the Hurricane Swimming Pool Pump offers the advantages of a cast iron pump, but with a lightweight plastic design. We also have centrifugal pumps by Giant which give excellent water filter results, and can be manufactured with a special mechanical seal for use with sea water. Pump Inverters from Pool maintenance are suitable for use with all of the pumps we offer, are simple to install, programme and control, and can be linked to building management systems.

Our range of spares will ensure your pool is always usable and running smoothly, so call us on 01457 765533 or 07748 908201.

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