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Comprehensive range of Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters, Chemical Controllers and Poolside Systems


Swimming pools bring pleasure and provide a healthy lifestyle all year round, but like most things they don’t last forever. At Pool Maintenance we specialise in supplying and fitting all kinds of spare parts and act as a one stop shop for your swimming pool needs, ensuring that your pool is performing to it’s best ability. We have an extensive knowledge of all swimming pool, spa and therapy pool design and technology, and offer professional installation or advice.


Our range of high quality swimming pool pumps means your domestic or commercial pool won’t be out of action for long. Swimming pool pumps are essential for preventing water stagnation and evenly distributing added chemicals. Reliable and durable pumps from major manufacturers are available such as the Self Priming Circulation Pump. This single piece fibreglass pump comes in a choice of sizes, and is suitable for use in salt chlorinated pools. It gives maximum output along with minimum turbulence, and a clear pump lid allows visible inspection. The Sta-rite 5P2R Pump is moulded from reinforced fibreglass which is resistant to extremes of temperature and corrosion. Lightweight and robust it is ideal for high pressure operation. We also have easy to use Pump Inverters, DAB Commercial Pumps, Hurricane Commercial Pumps and Giant Commercial Pumps.


Swimming pool filters are one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to keeping your pool clean and fully functioning. They work hard trapping dirt and debris, and ensuring that those using the pool can enjoy clean uncontaminated water. Regular cleaning of filters is a must, and when they need replacing we can help. We stock renowned names like Atika, with simple to install, precision built Side Mount Filters which are impervious to leakage, corrosion or rust. Alternatively choose from Lacron Side Mount Filters, or Deep Bed Laminated Polyester Filters.

Chemical Controllers and Poolside Systems

Keeping your swimming pool water clean and sanitised is crucial, if problems are to be kept at bay, and Automatic Chemical Controllers from Pool Maintenance are the answer. Bacteria will multiply and quickly become an issue if water is not properly treated, cleaned and maintained. Our Automatic Chemical Controllers are easy to use and feature a large 5.7” touch screen and logical menu structure for very simple and clear operation. Amongst our Poolside Systems we also have Grilles, Channel Overflow Grating Covers, Benches, Slides, Playpens and High Chairs.

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