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Stay Safe, Healthy and Have Fun in your Swimming Pool

Posted: 2015-10-11, in category: Uncategorized

Comprehensive Range of Swimming Pool Services including Design, Installation, Maintenance & Servicing


new swimming pool imageMore and more homes within the UK are discovering the joys of owning a swimming pool, to exercise, entertain and relax with friends and family. A pool can be installed for about the cost of a good family holiday, and eco friendly technology means that running costs are now more affordable. Reasonably priced swimming pools allow many people to think about having a pool installed, where they would not have considered it before.

However, very few people, particularly in the UK know how to look after a pool properly and keep it clean and safe. As with any body of water, swimming pools especially need to be carefully maintained, which involves adequate sanitization and the correct level of chemicals in order to prevent build up of harmful bacteria.

The wrong dose of chemicals can be either ineffective or cause problems such as red and itchy rashes, eye stinging etc. Improper treatment of swimming pools can result in them becoming a source of infectious ailments like colds, pink eye, bronchitis, gut problems, as well as more serious issues like giardiasis, cryptosporidiasis. Strains of E. Coli have also been identified due to contaminated pools.

It is always advisable in this instance to call in the professionals, rather than simply guess how to manage your swimming pool. We have a high level of expertise regarding all aspects of swimming pool cleaning, service and maintenance, We are active within the design, manufacture and installation of swimming pool water treatment systems. Specialists in the servicing of a vast range of pool types including private and public swimming pools, hospital therapy pools, hotel spas and equine therapy pools, we can assist with any pool related problems.

We also carry out swimming pool refurbishments, updating filtration systems, replacing heat exchangers and consequently ensuring maximum functionality. We are often asked these days to reduce the depth of swimming pools saving water treatment and power costs, Whatever the issue, Pool Maintenance Ltd can help, and if you take a look at the projects page of our website, you will see examples of some of the specialised work we handle nationwide. We are always happy to help, so call us for advice about your swimming pool or therapy pool on 01457 765533

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