Self Priming Circulating Pump

Fibreglass Self Priming Circulating Pumps CheshireThis swimming pool pump is available in a choice of sizes from 0.5HP to 3HP. It has a single piece fibreglass pump body to ensure maximum strength and durability. The solid clear pump lid allows for easy inspection of the pump basket. It is suitable for salt chlorinated pools and has a hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser design for maximum hydraulic output whilst minimising turbulence.


  • Solid clear pump lid for easy inspection of the pump basket
  • Secondary seal for added pump motor protection
  • Comes complete with 2” quick connect unions for ease of installation
  • 316 grade mechanical seal
  • Suitable for salt chlorinated pools
  • UV stabilised and corrosion resistant pump body
  • TUV approved

Sta-Rite Pumps

Fibreglass Self Priming Circulating Pumps CheshireSta-rite 5P2R series pumps are precision moulded from reinforced fibreglass which is temperature and corrosion resistant. This lightweight exceptionally strong thermoplastic is designed for much higher pressure operation and the special motor shaft and all inner parts are made from high grade stainless steel or thermoplastic material.


  • Self-priming diffuser design
  • ‘Hi-Rise’ mounting base
  • High head impellor: precision moulded of glass filled polycarbonate, it provides unusually smooth water passages for outstanding performance and efficiency
  • Heavy duty motor: 50Hz motors are designed for continuous and quiet operation, feature stainless steel shaft, sealed and permanently lubricated bearings, runs cooler for prolonged life under high ambient conditions

Pump Inverters

Fibreglass Self Priming Circulating Pumps CheshireThis variable speed drive Inverter offers a potential payback of less than six months. Easy to install and programme, it is suitable for various pump models and can be linked to a Building Management System.


  • IP66 rated
  • Can be linked to BMS
  • Keypad controls
  • Up to 50OC operating conditions
  • Easy to install and programme
  • Payback potentially less than 6 months

Suitable for various pump models including: BP Range, BHP Range, Calpeda, Modern, Hurricane, Giant, Great Giant, Hydrostar, Columbia, Victoria, Aral, Maxim, Shark, Speck, Hayward, Waterco, Sta-rite and DAB.

DAB Commercial Pump 2900rpm

Fibreglass Self Priming Circulating Pumps CheshireDAB Pump Features:

  • Self priming
  • Cast iron body and impeller

Bronze impeller and Cataphoresis coating available:

  • 304 St/St pump shaft
  • Viton mechanical seal
  • IP55 rated
  • 2900rpm. 1450rpm available upon request
  • 316 St/St filter basket

Hurricane Commercial Pump

Fibreglass Self Priming Circulating Pumps CheshireThe Hurricane Pump range offers all the power and performance of traditional cast iron centrifugal pump with the added versatility of a chemically resistant, lightweight modern plastic design.

Capable of pumping large volumes of water at high pressure, Hurricane swimming pool pumps are supplied with 3-phase motors starting at 2.9kW (4.0HP) through to 9.2kW (12.5HP) achieving flows in excess of 150 m3/hr.


  • Flooded suction
  • Suitable for salt water applications
  • Available with or without pre-filters
  • Quick fit union connections
  • Plastic composite body
  • 316 stainless steel shaft
  • Plastic impellor on 4.0HP and 5.5HP models
  • Bronze impellor on 7.5HP, 10HP, 12.5HP models
  • 316 grade stainless steel strainer basket on pre-filter models
  • IP55 protection rated

Giant Commercial Pump

Fibreglass Self Priming Circulating Pumps CheshireGiant is a centrifugal swimming pool pump designed to offer high performance in water filtration and depuration of public swimming pools. This pump is fitted with a high capacity pre-filter with easy handles stainless steel basket.

On demand manufactured with a special mechanical seal for use with sea water.


  • Pump body: Polypropylene 30% fibreglass
  • Filter basket: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Mechanical Seal: Carbon + resin + ceramics
  • Impellor: Polypropylene 30% fibreglass
  • Motor: IE2 rated
  • Waterproof: IP55

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