Leisure Pool Maintenance & Balance Tank Cleaning

Swimming, Diving, Leisure & Therapy Pool Maintenance Cheshire

In the course of our activities within the water treatment industry Pool Maintenance Ltd has been involved in the installation of water treatment systems to over 200 swimming pools and leisure centres.

These have included numerous local authority installations, from small leisure amenities to international competition swimming and diving pools.

Pool Maintenance – Confined Spaces Work

Balance tank cleaning often requires man entry into tanks, this is carried out under strict confined space entry procedures. We are CSTS certified and our engineers are fully trained and qualified in confined spaces work. We use state of the art safety equipment and breathing apparatus to ensure maximum safety at work in such conditions.

Pool Maintenance – Hygiene & Safety

We apply our considerable experience in the field of water treatment to every new project that we undertake. We will frequently incorporate as standard, a number of hygiene and safety considerations which have not even been considered in installations that we have seen by other contractors.

Bio Film Removal – Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli

Bio-films are substances that form a membrane on the tank, walls and ceilings giving Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli a platform on which to grow. This Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli grows quickly, thriving in places such as balance tanks, cold water storage tanks and filters. Bio-Films also cause corrosion to metal surfaces. (Certain bio-films can have a pH of about 1.0 – very acidic).

For specific advice on Bio-film occurrence and removal please call 01457 765533.

Swimming Pool Water Filtration – Chemical Control

Pool Maintenance Ltd has installed dozens of fully automated chemical dosing systems, from manufacturers such as Bayrol, Prominent, Siemens and Kuntze Instruments. These installations include bespoke bulk storage tanks where required.

We also have dosing and control systems to deal with chemical hazards such as acid, alkali and CO2 related problems.

Swimming Pool Upgrade & Maintenance Example

Everton Nursery Special Needs Therapy Pool

The requirement for this project was a pool depth extension. The water level was to be raised from 500mm to 1 metre deep. This required us to design and configure new skimmers, cast and key new structural walls, reconfigure all pool entrance steps, including modification of the pool hoist. Due to the increase in pool water volume, which doubled, we needed to confirm that the existing filtration equipment was capable of filtering the water and maintaining the turnover period of one hour: we updated the system to ensured that a low filtration rating of 17m3/m2/HR was maintained.

Please see before & after shots below

Please view details of some of our installations in the Swimming Pool Projects section.

If you require advice on any aspect of Swimming Pool Installation, Maintenance, Balance Tank Cleaning or Confined Spaces Work, please call or e-mail Pool Maintenance Ltd.

HDPE Pool Overflow Grating

We design, supply and install bespoke HDPE products such as overflow grating, inlet and outlet grilles and balance tank manhole covers.

Harrogate Pools

This project for Harrogate borough council involved work on three pools.

Holiday Inn, Brighton

These images show the bespoke corner pieces to maintain the integrity of the pool grating system.

Water Features & Fountains

We service, maintain and clean fountains – municipal and private, and also water features and pressurised water jets. These features are increasingly popular as amenities in town and city centres. One example that we service and maintain is the Williamson Square fountain in Liverpool city centre. This is also a good example of Confined Spaces work, with restricted working access.

Swimming, Diving, Leisure & Therapy Pool Maintenance, Water Filtration Installation, Balance Tank Cleaning, Confined Spaces Work & Bio Film Removal. Pool Overflow Grating & Water Fountain / Jet Maintenance.