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Restore your Terrazzo

Posted: 2019-08-03, in category: Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Produced by creating layers of cement, interspersed with glass, marble, granite and quartz chips Terrazzo is a beautiful flooring material. This age old favourite emerged in the 15th Century, and satisfied the need for a highly resilient, low cost flooring surface. It’s origins are said to go back to the ancient Egyptians, who used a similar combination. Terrazzo is stunning and perfect for use indoors or outdoors bringing a chic edge to the home or business.

It is often used for swimming pool surrounds not only for it’s attractive looks, but for it’s anti slip properties. It is also a favourite for patios, commercial applications, public spaces and pedestrian areas. Practical Terrazzo will last decades, and look as good as new if properly cleaned and cared for.

To clean your Terrazzo flooring, act quickly before stains have a chance to dry : –

  • Remove any chewing gum, sweets or sticky substances with a knife.
  • Use a large soft brush to get rid of any dirt and debris.
  • Using clean water and a neutral cleaning agent, scrub the floor. [a PH of less than 10.0 is ideal]
  • Change the water regularly during cleaning.
  • Automatic scrubbing pads give effective results if cleaned and checked frequently.
  • A high speed polishing machine will make your floor gleam and sparkle.

Terrazzo floors can last longer than most other hard floors, as long as they are cleaned and maintained correctly. Use of inappropriate products and lack of maintenance could damage this attractive material, and cause pitting. The grout in joints may also suffer damage, and if acid or alkaline is present, the cleaning products may destroy the cement base. One advantage of Terrazzo is that it doesn’t need sealing or waxing, and it’s actually preferable not to. It will however benefit from protection against moisture absorption, using a penetrating sealer after polishing.

Refurbishment of Terrazzo flooring by specialists like Lawco Flooring, can produce astounding results by re-grouting, re-grinding and re-polishing!

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