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Renovation for Economy and Energy Efficiency

Posted: 2016-01-31, in category: Uncategorized

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Private swimming pools are becoming less of a luxury these days as more people learn about the positive effects offered by hydrotherapy, and just being in the water. Families can also teach the younger members to swim, in a safe and clean environment, and in their own time.
If you have an existing swimming pool, you may be surprised at the difference a renovation or remodel can provide.

Swimming Pool Renovation and  Refurbishment

Perhaps you would like an alternative design, shape or you need a size increase or reduction. Your pools heating and filtration systems and equipment could be outdated and in need of an upgrade, to make them energy efficient. A complete swimming pool renovation can save you money, time and effort, and ensure your pool brings all of the pleasures you desire without the hassle. Modern heating and filtration systems are a world away from older types, being more reliable and saving you money. Advances in structural design like aerated concrete floors provide excellent contemporary solutions to age old issues. We use appropriate aerated concrete floors with our pool reduction projects, as this economical material lessens the risk of structural stress which may compromise the integrity of the pool and cause cracking.

A fabulous fully functioning swimming pool, with all the latest technology can have real advantages for you, your family and your home. Pool Maintenance are specialists in all aspects of swimming pool installation, servicing, maintenance and repair, and offer high quality renovation and refurbishment as part of our service.

Home Renovation

Renovation is a big factor within building in general, as most of us can think of home improvements and changes we would love make. The team at Premier Build Ltd in Essex are exceptionally skilled in design and build of all kinds including renovation and refurbishment. They bring expert builders, designers, electricians, heating engineers, roofers, joiners and any other trade professionals you could need to transform your abode. They offer exquisite landscaping with gorgeous water features, attractive paths, walls, steps and fences, for a breathtaking design perspective. Call Premier Build to discuss your renovation project on 01277 280 497

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