Swimming Pool Projects

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre Pool

Located in the City of Bristol, this work involved an extension to the original building comprising large pool, small pool, bubble pool, spa and steam room. The pools are level deck systems, into which we introduced our registered design of proportional extract from pool base and level deck overflow – this system is maintenance free and failsafe under all conditions.

Madley Brook Special School Pool

This is a therapy pool of 61m3 capacity, freeboard pattern with surface skimmers. It is served by self-priming pumps and two vertical pressure sand filters of 1,400 mm diameter. The system includes an air blower for filter scour, a plate heat exchanger, Topline chemical controller and auto-level top up system following filter backwash.

Greenwich Leisure Pool, London

This was a pre-war 25m pool converted into a leisure pool. It comprises water mushroom, water cannons, flume ride, children’s bubble pool and spa facility.

Sandymount Health Club Pool

Situated in the City of Dublin this freeform 100% level deck leisure pool incorporates massage stations, air bubble loungers, volcanoes and spa facilities. As this is a sea water pool the four filters and associated manifolds on these and the pumps are manufactured from stainless steel. The water treatment system is serviced by Accu-tab chlorination and CO2 with Topline controller.

St Ives Leisure Pool

Situated in Cornwall this facility comprises 25m and learner/fun pools. Both systems are 100% level deck extract and are fitted with a filtered water floor inlet system to each facility. A dye test proved complete coverage of the water volume in the large pool in 8 minutes, with 2 minutes for the small pool.

Floor inlet systems are suggested for all types of pools, both level deck and freeboard pattern. In addition to the chemical dosing equipment, each pool operates on its own independent water treatment system, which is also treated with ozone.

Oswestry Hospital Therapy Pool

A large level deck therapy pool incorporating four hydro massage jets. We put U.V. treatment in place in addition to standard chlorine and pH control.

Royston Leisure Centre Pool

A 25m level deck pool with variable extraction and U.V. treatment in addition to standard chlorine control.

Cirencester Leisure Centre Pool

A 25m level deck pool and 12m learner pool on independent filtration and circulating systems with variable extraction, each complete with U.V. units.

Dell Park, Egham, Surrey – Private Swimming Pool

This is an indoor private swimming pool 14m long with floor inlet distribution system and water extract via outlet sumps and surface skimmers.

The project also includes a 2m diameter spa facility, all served by a fully automated water treatment system, with UV and automated chemical control.

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