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Llandudno Leisure Centre Pool

On this project we worked on behalf of Kier North West Ltd on a contract for Conway Borough Council.

The project involved upgrade and maintenance of a large pool and a small pool, both with movable floors. Both pools are level deck with independent filtration plants, complete with ultra violet sterilisation in addition to chemical controls.

The movable floor in the small pool provides a facility for swimming lessons for very young children.

Swimming, Diving, Leisure & Therapy Pool Design CheshireMaintenance Project in South Atlantic for the MOD.

This project involved cleaning the balance tank for a swimming pool. We undertook a complete system clean and bio-film removal, reducing the risk of legionella. We also did a filter inspection, conducted a full survey of all chemical dosing equipment and general plant condition with associated UV sterilisation. The assignment involved confined space working, for which our staff are fully qualified and experienced.

This image shows confined space balance tank entry, tripod winch and breathing apparatus required to work in confined spaces.

Freemans Place Leisure Centre Pool, Durham

For this leisure centre contract the client was Bluestone Ltd of Leeds. We installed the water treatment to a large pool and a small pool, both with moveable floors. Both pools are level deck with a variable extract system, served by independent filtration and chemical dosing plants, with the addition of ultra violet.

Underwater speakers were also installed for the benefit of synchronised swimming classes.

Cheslyn Hay School Pool – Pool Maintenance Consultation

For 9 months the school had experienced an abnormally high level of chloramines in the pool. A succession of consultants and specialists had investigated but not resolved the health issue. During investigation, Pool Maintenance discovered that the pool at another local school had been shut for 9 months, so the pupils had been using Cheslyn Hay in this period. We investigated further and concluded that the heavy pool use and thus the significantly raised level of urine going into the pool was responsible for the high chloramine level. Appropriate UV or carbon filtering will resolve this problem.

Some pool maintenance contractors will add a ‘chemical soup’ to the water, which will simply ‘cloud the issue’, without resolving it. The consultancy service provided by Pool Maintenance Ltd is based on 35 years of Hands On experience.

Rugeley Leisure Centre Pool

This project was for Cannock Chase Council, the main contractor being Tomlinson Builders Ltd. The project was a 25m level deck swimming pool incorporating floor inlet and variable water extraction systems. UV and automatic chemical control were installed.

Swimming Pool Electrical Systems Installation

For each of the above projects electrical control panels and all electrical cabling was installed.

South Woodham Ferrers Pool, Essex.

This project was a 25m level deck pool with variable draw off facility. This pool has a moving floor and to enhance the safety and quality of the water U.V. treatment in addition to standard chlorination and pH control was installed.

Porchester Pools

This installation is situated in West London and now operated by Cannons Club.

This listed building with magnificent ballroom, library, steam and sauna rooms together with a 486m3 large pool and a 338m3 small pool was constructed in the mid 1920’s. We replaced the original filtration plant and cast iron pipework.

Each pool is independently served by two full duty pump sets with stainless steel manifold pipes, and PVC circulating pipework. We also installed a scum extract system, auto top up following filter backwash, chemical monitoring and control, UV and wall mounted control panel.

Three horizontal GRP filters serve the large swim with two similar units for the small swim. The system is complete with stainless steel frontal pipework and valves to provide an interlink facility between all 5 filter units.

Halewood Leisure Centre Pool

Situated in the City of Liverpool this 100% level deck pool, 25m x 15m incorporates a moving floor and is served by three 50% duty vertical pump sets. Stainless steel manifolds on both pump sets and included filter frontal pipework were installed. Also installed were two 2600 diameter steel filters complete with valves, air release and air scour serving fifteen wall inlets to enable the floor to be raised and lowered for various water sports.

Ministry of Defence

Pool Maintenance has a strong relationship with the MOD, a legacy of work done at the Falklands military base.

MOD, Falklands – Confined space work 
As part of a maintenance agreement with the MOD we replaced the pool strainer box and valves. We also replaced circulating pumps and the vacuum system. This project also involved confined space work whilst tank cleaning.

For a recent MOD contract for a military base in the South of England, we removed an existing Bi Flow filter complete with valves and pipework. We fabricated onsite a 9ft diameter mild steel filter, together with the associated pipework, valves and control system.
The project involved replacing an old filter, which was leaking and had become very inefficient.

Confined spaces work required us to employ coded welders for this assignment. The whole project required us to complete the work in accordance with very demanding MOD contractor protocols.

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