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Landau Forte Academy (QEMS), Tamworth

Initially, Pool Maintenance Ltd were asked to quote for the replacement of the pool filter media and replace a number of valves. A simple, straight forward project that would take 3 days to complete. This project grew on a scale which required 23 weeks to complete and required a full refurbishment of the pool hall, pool tank, pool and gym roof and a total refurbishment and new layout of all the 3 existing changing rooms.

On the original footprint there are now 4 changing rooms to service 2 field sports – male & female. The facility will accommodate 22 participants. The 2 swimming changing rooms, male and female, can each be used by a minimum of 15 people. All changing rooms now consist of:

  • New shower blocks
  • New vanity units
  • New WCs
  • Disabled facilities
  • Baby changing facility
  • New flooring and drainage

We introduced also 2 corridors, one of which is now used to access the gym, the other to access the newly created viewing gallery.

Pool Hall Upgrade

The pool hall upgrade involved :

  • New underground pipework
  • New promenade
  • Specialist rubber crumb flooring
  • The entire pool shell fibreglassed &incorporating the school logo in the pool base
  • Installation of automatic pool cover
  • Full environmental Heat Star control system
  • New ceiling & walls
  • Updated lighting, incorporating mood / feature lighting

Re-Designed Pool Filtration System

The existing pipework had very limited water capacity. We redesigned the filtration system based on the pool delivery and suction pipework, which was cast within the structure. The existing pipework would take only limited M3 of water per hour at a safe velocity. Consequently, the existing filtration plant & equipment was oversized and was attempting to push 3 times the correct amount of water down the one pipe.

To correct this we installed a new filtration system that would produce a filter rating of 20M3 – M2-HR, at a safe velocity. We coupled this with an auto chemical dosing system, and the consequent water clarity is now excellent. In addition, optimum balancing of the pool water is now far easier to achieve and maintain.

Project Summary

Pool Maintenance were delighted with the outcome of the project, as were the client and the Trustees – who were a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

This project clearly demonstrates that Pool Maintenance can deliver on time, on budget and significantly surpass the client’s expectations.

We look forward further enquiries from the Forte Group or any other institution which may be looking to upgrade their pool facility.

To see a recommendation from our very satisfied client please visit the references page.

Special Needs Therapy Pool, Pencoch. Flintshire, North Wales

This was a special needs hydro therapy pool refurbishment project. The inlet to Filter No1 was leaking and on further inspection our engineers found that the internals of the filter had collapsed. This led to a full plant refurbishment, which comprised:

  • 2 x new filter vessels complete with new sand media
  • 2 x multiport valves
  • 10 x 2 inch ball valves
  • New 2inch pvc pipework
  • New chemical controller
  • New support bracketry
  • Swimming pool Filter refurbishment
  • Swimming pool Filter media replacement
  • Swimming pool automatic chemical dosing system
  • Swimming pool pump replacement

Leisure Centre, Great Yarmouth Marina.

The Great Yarmouth Marina Leisure Centre pool is our largest project to date. We fully automated the backwash and filtration system, using Pro Logic Control – PLC. We designed and manufactured stainless steel manifolds, pump suction and manifolds.

We installed very cost effective horizontal GRP filters, replaced the big steel filters. The circulating pumps are inverter driven and we installed all new chemical dosing – Bayrol PM5 chemcal doser with ATG UV system, operating on a timer, giving a fully automated back wash system.

This project required our engineers to work in a very confined working area and we kept the pool open for the duration of the 10 week project – having a huge impact on the revenue stream for the Centre.

This large scale project was delivered on budget and on time.

Wirksworth Swimming Pool, Derbyshire

This project began with Pool Maintenance being asked initially to undertake a site investigation, to establish why the pool was losing water. In the process of the investigation we found that the water quality was very poor. The system was very old, many of the pipes being in place for 35 years. Also, the system had been grown over time with no design criteria and much of the equipment had been incorrectly specified.
Following our report we were asked to redesign and upgrade the entire water treatment system. This involved:

  • Digging up all promenades
  • Removing old pipework
  • Installing two end wall outlet suction sumps.
  • Installing new skimmer ,pipework & vacuum
  • Ripping out old filtration system, including chemical dosing.
  • Installing new filters, pumps & pipework
  • Installing PM4 Bayrol chemical controller
  • Providing full instruction manuals
  • Staff training in the correct use of the equipment
  • Sub contracting a new pool liner installation

The project took 3 weeks to complete – on time and on budget.

Please see this pdf for the Client Reference for this project

Wirksworth Swimming Pool Stobbarts Limited

Powys County Council – Upgrade of Municipal Pool.

The main requirement for this project was to insulate the pool, as it was extremely costly to run. Also, a complete filtration system redesign was required.

A key problem that we identified was numerous circulation and control issues.

The Inground pool pipework was 3inch diameter, combining with 15 year old undersized metric filters, which were in very poor condition. Also two circulating pumps were in use, both running at 100% capacity. We replaced them with one of the right capacity, resulting in a significant cost saving.
This upgrade involved the following activity:

  • Drained down the filters
  • Emptied media
  • Cut up and disposed of the filters
  • Slowed down water speed and switched to using just one efficient pump. This alone saves £15,000 per annum

Please view the client reference for this project.

Merryfields Special Needs School, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire

For this full therapy pool refurbishment we removed the old water treatment system and installed a modern set of filters with a valve system, allowing each filter to be taken off line while keeping the facility running, thus maintaining operation and the revenue stream from clubs such as Water Babies.

Only 2 of the 4 filters were in usable condition, there was leaking water from valves and filters and no air support bracketing. The new filtration system involved 4 new filters, new bracketry, PVC pipework and new valves, complete with individual filter isolation.

Archbishop & Ilsley School, Birmingham

For this school pool, our brief was to remove and replace with new, the complete water filtration system. We ripped out all existing kit and undertook a full refurbishment of the filtration equipment.


Private Pool, Hale Barnes, Cheshire

This private pool had experienced severe algae growth over a period of several months. To remove the algae we undertook a chemical treatment of the pool, with significant backwashing.

See also Projects page 2.

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