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Prevention of Dangerous Bacteria Growth in your Swimming Pool

Posted: 2012-11-17, in category: Uncategorized

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Swimming pool maintenance, cleaning and water treatment are important considerations within swimming pool management. Private pools, leisure centres, health clubs, hospital therapy, special needs pools and equine therapy pools, all have to be maintained to prevent problems caused by bacteria build up. Growth of dangerous bacteria such as Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli can cause serious illness, so it is recommended that tanks and filters are cleaned and inspected yearly. Other problems come in the form of bio-film build up leading to corrosion of metal surfaces and scale on heat exchangers interfering with heating efficiency.

Pool maintenance is not always a simple task though, take for example the world’s largest outdoor pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. This colossal swimming pool called the Crystal Lagoon is so big you can sail boats on it and it even has its own beach. Covering a distance of 3,323ft or 20 Olympic size swimming pools and holding 66 million gallons of sea water the pool is 115ft deep and cost a staggering £1billion.

The computer controlled suction and filtration system draws in water from the ocean at one end and pumps it back out at the other.

The upkeep of this mega pool is £2million per year!

 Pool Maintenance Ltd are water treatment engineers, with over 35 years experience specialising in all pool maintenance, cleaning and filtration systems. We are experts at pool servicing, inspection, refurbishing and everything related to swimming pool management. Our skilled team are qualified and trained to work in confined spaces and use only the most up to date safety equipment. Check out the Pool Maintenance Ltd website for an extensivelist of services we offer and read what our satisfied customers say about us.

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