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Pool Maintenance at Leisure Industry Week Exhibition 

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Swimming Pool Maintenance, Filtration, Refurbishment & Pool Balance Tank Cleaning

Pool Maintenance Ltd will be exhibiting at the LIW exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham, 18 – 20th September. Pool Maintenance Ltd have over 30 years experience of swimming pool filtration installation and maintenance. We are maintenance contractors for all kinds of pools including leisure pools, municipal pools, hospital therapy pools, hotel pools and spas and also equine therapy pools.

Pool Maintenance – Specialist Confined Spaces 

Some of our maintenance work involves cleaning and sterilizing in confined spaces such as swimming pool balance tanks, wells, open topped chambers, sewers, vats, ductwork, silos, trunk mains, reaction vessels, filter vessels and fluid storage tanks. Pool Maintenance Ltd are specialists in such confined spaces maintenance work.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts 

Pool Maintenance Ltd offer swimming pool maintenance contracts. Such maintenance contracts are highly economic, minimising health risks and downtime and ensuring optimal functionality condition of all filtration equipment. This includes:

Opening the pool filters.

Checking the pool filter media and the internal lining to the filter shells.

Servicing the air release equipment and air blower.

Checking all pipework and valves and also the complete circulation system.

Checking and servicing the chemical dosing kit and controller, including replacing the electrodes and diaphragms if required.

Please see Pool Maintenance Contracts for specific details.

Please see some of the referrals for the work that Pool Maintenance Ltd has done in local authority, school and hotel pools on our pool maintenance recommendations page 

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