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Modernising & Modifying Older Pools to Newer Needs

Posted: 2013-11-15, in category: Uncategorized

Pool Maintenance Ltd have the best part of 40 years experience in the design and installation of swimming pools and maintenance systems. We have seen many innovations in our time – and have lead the way in some. Pool Maintenance Ltd have seen the proliferation of specialist hydrotherapy and spa pools; we have witnessed the introduction of equine therapy pools and the phenomenal growth in popularity of hot tubs, jacuzzis and spas.

One thing we have always been aware of is that the installation of a new pool can be expensive, and sometimes prohibitively so. It can also be expensive to run a pool, especially if that pool is not quite fit for current purposes.

Recent projects have seen Pool Maintenance Ltd provide a number of modifications to existing swimming pools, play pools and therapy pools to modernise them and make them environmentally efficient and cost effective.

New heat exchange technologies allow for the heating of swimming and therapy pools using a fraction of the energy consumption of out-dated heating systems.

Pool Maintenance Ltd design and install moveable floors, allowing deeper pools to be used safely by young children and beginner swimmers. Increasing the use of public pools increases the overall efficiency of facility.

Refurbishment projects for reducing costs include reducing the depth of larger swimming pools. Water in the deep end of swimming pools is rarely used but must still be heated and filtered. Pool Maintenance Ltd have developed specialist solutions to this problem, such the use of aerated concrete in filling unused spaces. (Do not use ordinary concrete for filling swimming pools! If you want to know why, please ask.)

Pool Maintenance Ltd are equipped to add depth to existing pools, turning play pools and paddling pools into functional swimming pools and therapy pools.

For more information on swimming pool refurbishmenst and modifications contact us onĀ 01457 765533 or visitĀ www.poolmaintenanceltd.com.

Modernising & Modifying Older Swimming Pools to Newer Needs