Low Maintenance, High Performance Metal & Plastic Outdoor Storage Buildings

SM Garden Sheds are grateful to our web promotion partners Pool Maintenance Ltd, for allowing us this opportunity to inform their discerning customers about what we offer. At SM Garden Sheds, we are aware of how the internet has influenced the buying public, making the process of purchasing your metal or garden outdoor storage building a hassle free one. This is true in theory at least, as most people know it is wise to exercise some care when looking for sheds and other items online. The internet is chock full of websites that have your finger twitching above the ‘buy’ symbol, with beautiful images of sheds in summer gardens, surrounded by happy family members. The accompanying descriptions are impressive too, and when your eyes rest on the incredibly low price, there is no stopping you!

You may indeed have found the ultimate outdoor storage bargain, although a look around the online review sites indicate that this is unlikely. Many people when choosing their new shed online, make the mistake of concentrating on price. With metal or plastic garden storage sheds unbelievably cheap often means flimsy and inferior, and even if this is not apparent immediately, it probably wont be long before you are regretting your decision. A common problem with these poor quality products, is the appearance of rust soon after being exposed to the outdoors. Deterioration quickly follows risking damage to any items stored, and meaning a replacement is usually needed before long.


Competitively Priced, High Quality Metal Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings

Competitively Priced, High Quality Metal Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage BuildingsIt pays to perform a few common sense checks when considering ordering a metal or plastic shed online. These include placing the proposed shed name or shed supply company into your search engine and seeing what comes up. Customer reviews can be a little unreliable, but generally where there seems to be a reoccurring opinion such as ‘do not buy’ or ‘ awful customer service’, you will know to steer clear. Of course it goes without saying that the company you are buying from should display their contact details including landline phone number and address, and you may want to scan their returns and refund policy.

At SM Garden Sheds, we are committed to providing excellence whether its with the outdoor storage products we specialise in or our high level of customer care. We only stock and supply metal and UPVC sheds, garages, workshops and other garden storage from top names within the industry. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction, and we go to extreme lengths to ensure this, with visits to manufacturer premises and factories at home and abroad.

Light Clad Metal Sheds and Outdoor Storage Buildings including Workshops & Garages

Some of our most popular metal sheds include the Lotus range of light clad metal shed, with its extremely functional features. The Lotus collection represents the highest specification light clad sheds on the market, for a long lasting, robust storage solution. Amongst their winning attributes are things like innovative design and streamlined high performance components. These best sellers, are produced from high tensile, 0.3mm hot dipped galvanised steel with solid heavy gauge galvanised steel frame and base rails.

The result of two years intensive development, Lotus metal sheds are ideal for use in caravan parks where a non combustible storage product is required. They are also perfect for coastal holiday locations, due to their resistance to corrosion. Attractive cream and mist green with an exceptionally tall wall height, Lotus sheds are simplicity itself to assemble, and are even available with an instructional video. They feature a redesigned door glide providing a smooth and efficient sliding action.


Weatherproof Plastic Storage Sheds, Garages & Workshops, Bike Stores & Storage Boxes

Weatherproof Plastic Storage Sheds, Garages & Workshops, Bike Stores & Storage BoxesAnother winner from SM Garden Sheds, is the Lifetime range of plastic sheds, which includes a mind boggling selection of sizes and specifications in a smart steel reinforced, heavy duty package. Rusting, cracking, chipping and general deterioration are things of the past with these market leading garden storage products. Our customers just love the fact that their Lifetime shed can be adjusted to suit their needs, using extension kits, so if more outdoor storage space is desired they can extend their existing model, even adding a number of extensions. They are UV protected and incorporate stain resistant floor, screened vents, 1.8m high walls and a steeply pitched roof. Skylights and windows can be included, and strong pad-lockable, hinged double doors have separate internal bolts for an individual locking capacity. The quality continues with door handles complete with button catch mechanism.

At SM Garden Sheds, we are dedicated to give second to none customer service along with high quality products at the lowest possible prices. Our smaller garden storage range has all the advantages of the larger models, with bike stores and storage boxes. The Biohort Storemax 160 or 190, are a good example of this, with their metal roller shutters and coated aluminium guide profiles. Our weather proof storage boxes will keep stored items like cushions, building materials, garden lighting, electric tools and outdoor toys, clean and dry. Hot dipped galvanised polyamide coated, steel plate side walls, mean they are remarkably tough, and have a twist handle cylinder locking system with spare key. Take a look at our comprehensive website for our full outdoor storage range, we promise you will be spoilt for choice!

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