Why Consider a Swimming Pool Preventative Maintenance Contract?

An in-service breakdown involves an unplanned pool shut down, with several very costly consequences:-

  • Curtailment of any activities currently in progress.
  • Loss of goodwill and damage to customer relationships and reliability record.
  • Loss of revenue.
  • Continued staffing costs during the unplanned shut down.
  • Unnecessarily protracted shut down whilst contractors are called in, the problems diagnosed and replacement components ordered.
  • Potential health and safety issues.

Benefits of a Swimming Pool Preventative Maintenance Contract

Preventative Maintenance Contracts For Swimming, Diving, Leisure & Therapy Pools CheshireA preventive maintenance contract represents excellent value for money as it avoids these unnecessary costs and damage to the business.

Under our contract, we will shut down the facility at a time agreed to cause minimum disruption to customers and their revenue stream.

The Pool Preventative Maintenance process will typically involve:

  • Opening the filters.
  • Checking the filter media and the internal lining to the filter shells.
  • Service the air release equipment and air blower.
  • Checking all pipework and valves and the complete circulation system.
  • Checking and servicing chemical dosing kit and controller, inclusive of replacement electrodes and diaphragms if required.

This standard procedure will be undertaken at a fixed rate.

On completion of the inspection we will issue a report on what we consider should be renewed, together with the cost involved. Subject to your acceptance of the proposals, you should have trouble free operation for the next 12 months.

To discuss a Preventative Maintenance Contract for your Pool pleaseĀ Contact Pool Maintenance Ltd

Preventative Maintenance Contracts For Swimming, Diving, Leisure & Therapy Pools