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Posted: 2018-01-29, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Pump Replacement, Filters, Chemical Controllers & Poolside Systems

As experts in the refurbishing and upgrading of pools, we have successfully completed several projects for private and local authority clients. These projects often throw up challenges due to the age of the pool systems, which we enjoy providing the solution to. We also come across some extremely interesting set ups within old systems, and love to get to the bottom of and resolve ongoing issues.

We were asked to look into the reasons behind a continual loss of water from a swimming pool in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. This was quite an old system going back over 35 years, so prone to degradation and problems caused by wear and tear. We noted that the quality of the water was very poor, and that the piping etc had been added to throughout the years. No careful design work had gone into this process, and there was even incorrectly specified equipment present.

We were required to upgrade and redesign the water treatment system which involved digging up all promenades, removing old pipework and filtration systems, and installing fully functional systems. These new systems will not only give incredible performance, but reduce bills and save money. We also ensured that staff were trained to use the equipment correctly, and sub contracted the installation of a new pool liner. We were delighted to achieve the project outcome in time and on budget.

Saving money where possible for our customers is always a priority, and a perfect example of this is seen in our upgrade of a municipal pool for Powys county council. The pool was proving exceptionally expensive to run, and also needed an overhaul regarding its filtration system.

There were numerous problems with circulation and control, and inappropriately sized components were causing the system to struggle. We found some parts were needlessly running at 100% capacity, using valuable energy and functioning inefficiently. We implemented a number of actions, although simply slowing down the water speed and replacing the existing pumps with one efficient modern pump reduced yearly costs by £15,000. Call us on 01457 765533 to discover how we can improve your swimming pool system.

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