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Posted: 2018-09-30, in category: Uncategorised

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A home with a pool conjures up images of a decadent lifestyle, popping downstairs for a quick dip, or lounging by the pool with a drink and a book [and perhaps the odd snack!] This scenario is becoming less of a pipedream and more of a reality these days, as pools become more affordable and the weather improves and warms up. In fact the unrelenting heat and sunshine this year has caused many to wish they had their own pool.

Owning your own pool is not just all about luxury either, the health benefits of regular swimming are unequalled, which is why doctors, physiotherapists and other health specialists recommend this activity constantly to patients. Swimming is one of the best things you can do to stay fit and feel young, exercising lungs, heart, muscles etc. A swimming pool is like having your own private gym, with all its benefits, plus it is a place to entertain friends with pool parties and such.

If you are concerned about being able to use your pool all year round, why not consider an enclosed pool? These can be heated, and fitted with effective mood lighting and other comfort inducing features! Aluminium bifold doors are on trend for this sort of application, due to their excellent versatility. When fully opened the illusion of removing a wall is created, and in the summer you can enjoy your pool fully along with the garden.

Bifold doors can be tailored by skilled installers in any configuration you desire too, opening in or out and with the doors positioned where preferred. Modern bifold doors present no security concerns as they did in the past, with state of the art locks and high performance door furniture. This type of affordable door option is an asset wherever installed including kitchens, saunas, games rooms and swimming pools.


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