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How about a spot of ‘Wild Swimming’?

Posted: 2016-02-28, in category: Uncategorized

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thamesIt’s a fact…people love to have fun in the water!

Wherever there is a body of water be it a pool, lake, river or the sea, we want to be in it, but it isn’t always a good idea. Swimming in the Thames for example was likened to rambling on the M25 by one national rag, and this pursuit has been illegal since 2012 anyway, especially between Putney Bridge and the Thames Barrier.

Although, this wasn’t always the case and there was a time when Londoners spent a fair amount of their leisure hours dipping their toes in the dubious depths of the River Thames. From Victorian times up until the 1930’s, temporary lidos, pontoons, floating baths and water slides were a familiar site along the Thames. The water was definitely not what you would call clean or hygienic, yet the lure of being submerged particularly in the summer months was irresistible to most. If you didn’t look too close you were none the wiser and blissfully unaware of any undesirable elements.

‘Wild’ swimming has been an increasing trend in recent years, with celebs completing triathlons stimulating the imagination and encouraging others to desire a plunge into the London River. There is now to be a floating swimming pool built into the Thames, with the intention to re-establish the playful link between Londoners and this important city river. The specific site for the proposal is not yet confirmed, although could focus around the Victoria Embankment area. Floating pontoons to include large, medium and small pools were initially intended to utilise water from the Thames, but although the Thames is now the cleanest it has ever been, concerns about water quality have resulted in the decision to pump in fresh water, just to be on the safe side.

You will find specially designed ‘natural’ swimming pools all over the world many in distinctly urban settings. This exciting UK project brings together award winning landscape architects, designers, marine engineers and is endorsed by a number of bodies including The Outdoor Swimming Society.

If you are now all fired up about outdoor pools and water features SJP Building Services, Wigan are specialists in all forms of home improvement including landscaping. Pools and water features, patios and decking, are available along with all other building requirements, using qualified design experts and skilled tradesmen.

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