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How About A Pool Refurb?

Posted: 2020-01-03, in category: Pool Refurbishment

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There has been a boom in the sale of domestic swimming pools in the UK over the last fifty years. This is partly due to the fact that the main focus of any holiday is usually fun in the pool! Many people want the experience without having to travel for the rare treat of a dip at their convenience. Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for just about anybody. Many conditions and ailments are significantly eased through being in water also.

You can recreate that favourite holiday in a splashy paradise by joining lots of other people and installing your own swimming pool. Older pools that are looking a bit worse for wear or not performing up to scratch, can be refurbished! Pool Maintenance have refurbished all kinds of pools from public swimming pools to therapy pools to private, heated pools. Pools can be brought back to life using a variety of beautiful natural materials and innovative technology. A modern system can vastly reduce running costs too, making your pool a real asset.

Before any work starts, the existing condition of the structure should be ascertained, this will indicate how much or how little work needs doing. You may be able to get away with simply replacing the superficial aspects or finish. Alternatively, the shell itself may need to be replaced or fortified, or maybe the pump is not functioning properly and has to be replaced. The team at Pool Maintenance have an expert knowledge of pool refurbishment, and can deliver an efficient and cost effective solution. Your upgrade will pay for itself over time, especially with the latest, low energy equipment and hydraulic design.

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