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Today’s indoor pools have a lot to live up to when it comes to all the different elements within their environment. Ventilation, dehumidification, air heating, air quality and pool water heating all feature in the management of a pool. When these aspects are considered and actively taken care of, your indoor swimming pool will function to it’s best ability and last significantly longer.

Energy efficiency and green credentials were never thought of years ago, but in these more enlightened times, they are an important part of owning and running a pool. Designers and installers, have a responsibility to advise on strategies to reduce energy consumption and cut back on fuel costs. There are also strict environmentally friendly guidelines in place regarding the construction of new swimming pools in line with current legislation.

There are several issues which may affect indoor swimming pool surroundings and cause problems, such as humidity. Uncontrolled humidity can result in substantial amounts of condensation, that can damage d├ęcor and perhaps even the structure itself. Dealing with humidity in the past consisted of methods like allowing access to the open air, and heating the replaced cool air rapidly. However this is now seen as wasteful and expensive, and would probably not fall in line with building control regulations.

Control systems, mimicking refrigeration technology now operate, retaining warm air while condensing excess humidity. There are also energy efficient digital fans, which can monitor their own performance relative to the need for dehumidification. This process when partnered with a cross flow recuperation delivers excellent results. Then there is the dehumidification heat pump option, which reduces humidity by creating a cold evaporator coil in order to condense moisture.

We offer a vast range of products and services for every eventuality, using only major names in the industry such as Giant, Sta-Rite, Hurricane, Atika, Lacron and Compact. We have high performance pumps, filters, chemical controllers and poolside systems perfect for domestic or commercial pools. We also design and refurbish indoor and outdoor pools including therapy pools. Call us on 01457 765533 or 07748 908201 for more information.

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