Swimming Pool Maintenance, Refurbishment, Balance Tank Cleaning & Spares

Q: Why should I get a swimming pool?
A: Swimming is not only one of the healthiest pastimes around, but how great would it be to have unlimited access to your own pool? This is particularly relevant as many people have not been able to swim at all in the recent past, due to pools being closed. It’s a fabulous way for family and friends to relax and have fun. Plus, these days swimming pools are much more affordable to install and run than you would think!

Q: Do I need to get planning permission for a swimming pool?
A: Most local authorities do not insist on planning permission for private swimming pools for domestic properties in the U.K. However, consult your council if you wish to erect some form of enclosure over the pool, as permission will probably be required.

Q: What about water rates?
A: A swimming pool actually needs very little water for its normal maintenance, apart from the initial filling.

Q: Can you tell me what’s involved with your maintenance schedule?
A: Once we know the customers exact needs, we can offer a bespoke maintenance solution, or a preventative maintenance contract. This typically involves:-

  • Opening the filters
  • Inspecting the filter media, plus the internal lining to the filter shells
  • Servicing the air blower and air release equipment
  • Looking at the complete circulation system including all pipework and valves
  • Checking and servicing of the chemical dosing kit and controller, inclusive of diaphragms and replacement electrodes if needed

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Q: Is it worth shopping around for the cheapest pool
A: It’s always best to get the highest quality pool you can afford, as cutting corners on structural elements and craftsmanship is often a mistake.

Q: How do I keep my pool heated?
A: There are a range of options for heating a pool including electricity, gas, propane and even solar.

Q: I have a friend who spends a lot on heating his pool, is heating a swimming pool always expensive?
A: This depends on the size of pool, its location and how often you wish to use it. Our Blockit pool systems with their advanced insulation can half the cost of pool heating.
These pools offer a game changing solution, as they can be designed to suit your own needs, The components are lightweight, so delivery is a fraction of the normal rate, and they have a double layer of insulation.

Q: Do you sell pool accessories?
A: We do. You will find a wide range of spares and accessories from the most reliable manufacturers on our website.

Q: Do you work outside the UK?
A: Not only do we offer our comprehensive services throughout the UK, Pool Maintenance have a long standing arrangement in the Falklands. This work can be extremely challenging and our staff often have to think out of the box.

Q: What’s the largest project you’ve carried out?
A: This would be the project we carried out for Landau Forte Academy (QEMS) in Tamworth, which escalated somewhat from the original brief! This was a straightforward replacement of a pool filter and valves. The project ended up incorporating extensive work and a full refurbishment. The end result was a state of the art swimming pool and surrounding area, delighting the clients, trustees and ourselves. You can read about the details on our first projects page.

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