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Posted: 2018-06-26, in category: Uncategorised

Blokit Block Pool Construction System, Low Insulation, Running Cost & Easy Build


Would you love to have your own swimming pool? Imagine entertaining friends around the pool on warm summer nights. The weather so far this summer has been glorious, prompting many people to consider installing a pool. Apart from fun, the advantages of swimming are well known for physical and mental health, and doctors regularly recommend swimming to help with a number of ailments.

If you are considering installing a swimming pool, you might want to think about what size and shape would be best. You can now choose a totally custom swimming pool thanks to the revolutionary Blokit system. This innovation means that you can tailor your swimming pool to perfectly suit your needs. Polystyrene blocks which feature steel reinforcement are used to form the walls of your swimming pool. This method is fast and simple, and a layer of polystyrene is also included within the base, meaning less heat loss and lower heating costs. In fact this swimming pool system lowers your pool heating costs by half!

Let your imagination run riot, as just about any shape is possible with this system, and the blocks are light, easy to use and fit together in no time. Once concrete is poured into the finished design creating a thermos effect, the pool is fully insulated. Unlike most other swimming pool kits, the Blokit system is delivered on pallets, costing significantly less.

Whatever your preferred type of pool, the Blokit system is the perfect choice, and ideal for all finishes including tiles, paint, render or UPVC liners. It can also be used with a variety of pool types like infinity or skimmer pools. Blokit is also suitable for a selection of finishes including tiles, liners, paint and render of all pools, meaning an attractive as well as functional result. For more information about this incredible product call us on 01457 765533

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