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Covid 19 Becomes Inactive in Swimming Pool Water After 30 Seconds

Posted: 2021-05-08, in category: Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Swimming Pool WaterAccording to Swim England, a recent study determined that Covid 19 becomes inactive in a swimming pool in about 30 seconds. This is dependent on the right conditions revealed virologists at Imperial College London. This is good news for lovers of this healthy activity, as the likelihood of transmission in pool water is deemed to be extremely low.

The study was commissioned by Swim England, Water Babies and the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK). They also provided materials and context for the study. It was conducted by Professor Wendy Barclay, together with research associate Dr Jonathan Brown and research technician Maya Moshe from Imperial College London. The research was also project managed by Alex Blackwell, who acts as head of pools and facilities from Water Babies.

The Government’s roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions included the opening of indoor swimming pools across the country in April. As we all splash about once again, we can take comfort in the findings of the study. Anyone with reservations about getting back into the pool should now feel a lot more confident. Apparently, 1.5mg per litre of free chlorine with a pH between 7-7.2 reduced the infectious ability of the virus by more than 1000 fold within 30 seconds. The range of chemicals required to effectively kill the virus are luckily perfectly in line with the existing guidance for swimming pools. When you also factor in the dilution that the virus would encounter in a swimming pool, the chance of catching it is negligible.

This is fantastic news when you consider the physical health and wellbeing benefits of swimming for all concerned. Don’t forget to contact the team at Pool Maintenance to check all’s well with your pool, especially as it’s probably been out of commission. We’ll have you up and running [well… swimming] in no time!



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