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Posted: 2021-03-09, in category: Confined Space Work

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Confined Space WorkOur work can be very varied and interesting, as we frequently carry out work for bodies such as the Ministry of Defence. We often have to travel slightly further afield to places like the Falklands, to carry out these projects, a few of which are detailed below. The area can be beautiful, but pretty challenging with extreme weather that can change throughout the day. There can be snow, hail, sleet, storms then suddenly bright sunshine, making work progress quite difficult.

Over half a million sheep are farmed on the islands, in isolated rural settlements. While the British troops are there, they help the farmers with a wide range of tasks. The troops possess skills such as accountancy, engineering and construction, which come in handy. Even so most have learned one or two impressive farming skills. Less pleasurable things the troops have to do is clear numerous mine fields and respond to ships in trouble in the surrounding waters.


Despite the high level of training and knowledge the troops have, they still know when to call in the experts. We maintain, service and repair various MOD facilities, and many of the jobs involve confined or cramped spaces. Our Falklands projects saw us carrying out confined space work, as well as replacing pumps, valves, a pool strainer box and a vacuum system.

South of England

One of our contracts is with the MOD based in the South of England, where we replaced inefficient filters, valves and pipework with components we fabricated on-site. We brought in coded welders to complete some aspects of this work, in line with strict MOD contractor protocols.

South Atlantic

Again this project took us far from home as we worked on cleaning a swimming pool and making it safe for the MOD. We also carried out a number of other tasks in this South Atlantic base involving confined space work.



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