Blokit Swimming Pools

The Blokit swimming pool system enables us to build your swimming pool to any shape or size. Blockit is made from polystyrene, giving a smooth finish which is fully insulated once the concrete is poured in between the Blokit units.

The Blokit swimming pool kit is a complete package including insulation which can halve your pool heating costs. Blokit pools have two layers of insulation; one between water area and concrete and the other between the wall and the swimming pool base floor. This creates a “thermos” effect that helps to keep the water warm.

The further excavation around a standard pool installation pool is not required. This means reduced build cost, less removal of soil, reduced impact on the garden. The pool steps are built into the main structure of the pool which reinforces its mechanical strength.

The pool is given a rendered or a tile finish. Better still, and very popular, is a PVC hybrid liner – Delofol.
Further benefits of the Blokit pool building system are:


The polystyrene blocks are light and easy to handle and fit together well, which means you can design your own pool style. The block assembly process reduces construction time considerably.

Delivery Cost

A normal Inground swimming pool kit will comprise of huge panels. The delivery cost of these pools can cost almost as much as the pool itself. By contrast, the Blokit pool system is delivered on pallets at a fraction of the cost.


Underspecified insulation of a pool can rocket running costs and is difficult to retro fix. Blokit pools have two layers of installation which will retain the warm water in your pool and dramatically reduce running costs.

Blokit Block Pool Construction System. Low Insulation & Running Cost. Easy Build