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Back in the Water

Posted: 2020-08-22, in category: Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Pool MaintenanceNow that public swimming pools are welcoming swimmers again those of us who offer services such as cleaning, maintenance and filtration of pools are getting really busy! Swimmers have been chomping at the bit to get back into the water since the pools were closed during lockdown. This meant the loss of a vital part of some peoples health and fitness regimes. The benefits of swimming are well known and include helping with weight loss, and allowing people with compromised movement to exercise. Swimming also provides a general feeling of wellbeing, so has been sorely missed.

Opening the doors presented pool owners and authorities with some challenges, as it had to be done as safely as possible. Rules and procedures have been put in place at swimming pools, such as changing rooms being closed. It isn’t the water itself that is risky, but when swimmers chat to each other when not swimming.

Professor Vincenzo Romano Spica is an expert in public health from the University of Rome, and a lead author on a paper about pool safety during the pandemic. He believes it is safe to visit swimming pools, as long as they are chlorinated and properly disinfected.

Even though it’s considered safe to swim, social distancing is still required and a distance of two metres still advised. Pools are only allowing a limited number of people in the water at one time, and time slots have to be booked in advance. Pools used for sport and exercise are thought to be safer than holiday pools for instance. Here people are more likely to socialise, shout and laugh, increasing risk of transmission.

At Pool Maintenance we are no strangers to the hazards of bacteria and other nasties in water. This is why we offer a comprehensive package for the health of your swimming pool and visitors.


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