Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Redesign & Upgrades, Public & Private Pools

One significant area of our business here at Pool Maintenance Ltd, is swimming pool refurbishment for domestic, commercial and local authority clients. One of these projects involved the refurbishment of swimming pools at the Porchester Centre in Bayswater, London. We were contracted to replace the original filtration plant along with any cast iron pipe work within this grade 11 listed building, built in the 1920’s. The building underwent a £1.2m redevelopment, including the swimming pool upgrade, which incorporated work carried out on two pools.

The swimming pools are approximately 40m and 30m, and are part of a complex that now boasts state of the art health and leisure facilities. Visitors to the centre can enjoy 140 new stations with web enabled CV machines, two exercise studios with easy line equipment, steam and sauna room, a squash court and of course the swimming pools. A complex network has been engineered and put in place which will prove highly reliable, and perform in a way demanded by any modern facility.

Swimming Pool Alterations, Bacteria Prevention & High Performance Filtration Systems

Swimming Pool Alterations CheshireThere can be any number of reasons for requiring a swimming pool refurbishment or upgrade ranging from simply wishing for a more contemporary look and feel, to legislative alterations or a shift in the intended function of the facility. As a pool ages, areas such as filtration systems, components and mechanisms can deteriorate, often leaving it inefficient, and opening it up to bacterial build up. Older worn parts with cracks and uneven surfaces can also harbour undesirable microbes rendering the pool a health risk. Swimming pool design and construction has advanced considerably compared to 20 – 30 years ago, and nowadays presents a far more wholesome and easy to maintain environment.

Halewood Leisure Centre on Merseyside has a 25m x 15m 100% level deck pool with moving floor, served by three 50% duty vertical pump sets. Pool Maintenance Ltd upgraded the system for this swimming facility to maximise functionality. The design included technology enabling the floor to be raised or lowered, allowing a variety of water sports and other uses. The swimming and leisure facility provides an important service within the local community, not only for pleasure and fun, but to improve health. This and many other swimming pools throughout the UK offer a range of activities like water polo, squads, sub-aqua club, canoeing, aqua fit and aquacise, as well as a program of swimming lessons to assure safety when in the water.

Pool Extensions, Thorough, Safe & Hygienic Cleaning & Biofilm Removal.

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre swimming pool in Bristol, benefited from our expertise and are now proud recipients of an extension to their pool comprising of a large pool, small pool, bubble pool, steam room and spa. We utilised our registered design of proportional extract from pool base and level deck overflow, meaning a failsafe and maintenance free system whatever the conditions. This pool provides an excellent range of regular special offers and activities to encourage swimming and save money while doing it. They even participated in a scheme to encourage interest in swimming as a sport, giving children the unique opportunity to be inspired and coached by Olympic athletes through a selection of aquatic games.

Swimming pools are increasingly found nestled amongst a wealth of other enhanced amenities for the community to enjoy. This is demonstrated by the amount of pools which are sit amid technically advanced gyms, ultra modern libraries offering the latest in digital equipment, and bright, friendly cafés with a wide choice of refreshments. We implemented some exciting and fun improvements to Greenwich Leisure Pool, London, including water canons, flume ride, a water mushroom, a spa and a children’s bubble pool.

Specialist Confined Spaces Work, Advanced Methods & Safety Equipment.

Our consultancy service is based on 35 years of hands on experience, we love a challenge and are adept at problem solving. We are CSTS certified and fully trained to complete work in confined spaces, using some of the most advanced safety equipment and breathing apparatus available. We can satisfy all of your swimming pool needs including cleaning, maintenance, repair, biofilm removal, and filtration system replacement, installation and service. Upgrades, redesigns, adjustments and refurbishments are also carried out to the highest standards.

When it comes to refurbishments within the home improvement sector, SJP Building Services, based in Wigan offer an extensive range of services. The expert team at SJP Building Services, cover all aspects of building work including design, build, roofing, electrics, heating, plumbing, decorating, double glazing, renovations, extensions and conversions.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Redesign & Upgrades, Public & Private Pools, Swimming Pool Alterations, Bacteria Prevention, High Performance Filtration Systems. Pool Extensions, Safe & Hygienic Cleaning & Biofilm Removal. Specialist Confined Spaces Work, Advanced Methods & Safety Equipment