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5 Benefits of Water Based Therapy

Posted: 2019-07-26, in category: Uncategorised

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It’s usually cold weather that is blamed for exacerbating back problems, but these conditions aren’t the only culprit. Hot weather and humidity can actually cause issues with your spine, along with making you dehydrated and putting you at risk of heat stroke. Water based therapy is ideal for most who don’t have fever, an infection or an open wound. Check with your doctor first if you have any of these issues.

So let’s get to the 5 benefits of water based therapy for your back:-

1. Less stress on the Spine

Aqua therapy alleviates pressure in the spine thanks to buoyancy provided by the water. The force of gravity is decreased in water bringing relief where there is disc trouble. Thus with less pain, underwater exercises are easier to do.

2. Increased Mobility

Moving in the water enables a wider range of movements that would be a lot more troublesome on land.

3. Effective Resistance

Water provides the resistance needed for some exercises to be effective, such as trunk twists. On land these movements will not work the muscles as much as in water, which is 600 times more resistant than air.

4. Alleviates Pain

As water enables increased blood flow to sore joints and muscles, many people feel that exercising in water is less painful than out of it. Being in water is also very soothing, and distracts from the sensation of pain.

5. Improves Balance

If balance is compromised, as in the case of people who have chronic back pain or have had spinal surgery, falls can result. Trying to get active where there is a worry about loss of balance can be extremely difficult. There is no risk of losing balance and falling when in the water, and muscles in the feet are also developed.

Many specialist therapists such as Sports & Spinal Physio recommend water based therapy to help with the pain and discomfort of a bad back.

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