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Swimming Pool Maintenance, Water Treatment & Balance Tank Cleaning Contractors


Pool Maintenance Ltd are specialist water treatment engineers. We have built our business on a strong reputation for the quality, practicality and reliability of our swimming pool maintenance, water treatment and management systems.

Swimming Pool Balance Tank Cleaning Engineers

Along with filtration and chemical dosing, balance tank cleaning is key to keeping the pool water well balanced and safe. Bathers bring substances into pools, which adhere to the water particles causing bio-films to form on the water’s surface. Bacteria can become a problem in such circumstances.

Our Services

We install and maintain the water treatment systems for both private and public swimming pools. We deal with bio film hazards including Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli.


All our engineers are fully qualified for working in confined spaces such as filter vessels and balance tanks. We find that maintenance contracts are very popular with our client base.


Water filtration systems, in common with all engineering equipment, deteriorate with age. Our role is to maintain al filtration system so that they function to their full potential.

Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas & E-Coli Prevention

Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli can grow quickly in pool balance tanks and filters. The PWTAG advise balance tanks should be cleaned and inspected every 12 months.

Prevent Bio-Film Causing Corrosion

Bio-films can lead to a scale build-up on heat exchangers; this prevents efficient heating of the pool water. Bio-Films also cause corrosion of metal surfaces within the pool circulating system, as some Bio-films have a pH of about 1.0 which is very acidic.

Confined Spaces Qualified Contractors

To prevent these situations occurring, Pool Maintenance Ltd can help you. Balance tanks and filters are classed as Confined Spaces and only fully qualified engineers are allowed entry.

All Pool Maintenance Ltd operatives are First Aid, CSCS and CSTS qualified. Pool Maintenance Ltd is Construction Line approved and CHAS accredited.

Swimming Pool Installation, Maintenance, Servicing & Balance Tank Cleaning

We are specialist contractors for the maintenance of swimming, leisure and hydrotherapy pools. Our services include the manufacture, installation and commissioning of swimming pool water treatment systems. We service the entire range of swimming and therapy pools, from private or public swimming pools and hotel spas to equine therapy pools. Examples of our pool water maintenance and treatment applications include:

Private Pools
Hot Tubs & Spas
Leisure Centres
Health Club Pools & Spas
Hospital Therapy Pools
Special Needs Schools Pools
Hotel Pools, Spas & Jacuzzis
Equine Therapy Pools

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

For tips on essential considerations regarding swimming pool maintenance, hygiene and water quality.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Engineers, Balance Tanks & Water Filtration - Confined Spaces Qualified Contractors. Overnight Operations by Arrangement. Bio-Film. Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas & E-Coli Prevention Full Servicing of Filtration and Chemical Dosing Systems including UV. NDT Testing, Maintenance Contracts Available. Sand Blasting / Coating of filters, Chemical & U/V installattion.