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Extensive Work for Landau Forte Academy

Posted: 2019-02-09, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Domestic or Commercial Pools, Wide Range of Pumps & Accessories   Have you ever started a job that you estimated would be simple and straightforward, which subsequently turns out to be anything but? Luckily, we are always ready for a challenge, and a recent project for Landau Forte Academy [QEMS] in Tamworth… Read more »

Ideal Swimming Pool Doors

Posted: 2018-09-30, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Domestic or Commercial Pools, Wide Range of Services, Pumps & Accessories   A home with a pool conjures up images of a decadent lifestyle, popping downstairs for a quick dip, or lounging by the pool with a drink and a book [and perhaps the odd snack!] This scenario is becoming less of… Read more »

Build a Private Oasis

Posted: 2018-07-27, in category: Uncategorised

Comprehensive range of Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters, Chemical Controllers and Poolside Systems   Lots of people dream of having their own swimming pool, especially during the nice weather, not only is swimming good for you, but a pool can mean fun and relaxation. Imagine waiting in traffic queues or on a stuffy train, after a… Read more »

Pool Puzzles

Posted: 2018-07-18, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Spares, Pumps, Filters, Chemical Controllers & Poolside Systems, Corrosion Resistant   We all appreciate fresh clean water, especially if we are planning to swim in it, but sometimes it needs some help. At Pool Maintenance Ltd, we have over 35 years of hands on experience when it comes to boosting the performance of… Read more »

Dive into Summer

Posted: 2018-06-26, in category: Uncategorised

Blokit Block Pool Construction System, Low Insulation, Running Cost & Easy Build   Would you love to have your own swimming pool? Imagine entertaining friends around the pool on warm summer nights. The weather so far this summer has been glorious, prompting many people to consider installing a pool. Apart from fun, the advantages of… Read more »

Beneficial Wildlife Gardens

Posted: 2018-03-25, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Specialists, Filtration, Balance Tank Cleaning & Pool Refurbishments The sunshine has certainly been making itself known in the last few days, and you may be chomping at the bit to get outdoors and do a spot of gardening. Or you may be looking out at the garden and wondering what to… Read more »

Swimming Pool Redesign

Posted: 2018-03-04, in category: Uncategorised

Refurbished Swimming Pools, Water Filtration, Pool Maintenance Services, Therapy Pools, Blokit Pools   Swimming has numerous benefits and is one of the best ways to stay healthy, apart from it being good fun. Doctors and health professionals frequently recommend this activity for a wide variety of health issues. It can exercise the muscles, heart and… Read more »

Increasing Function, Decreasing Cost

Posted: 2018-01-29, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Pump Replacement, Filters, Chemical Controllers & Poolside Systems As experts in the refurbishing and upgrading of pools, we have successfully completed several projects for private and local authority clients. These projects often throw up challenges due to the age of the pool systems, which we enjoy providing the solution to. We also come… Read more »

Spectacular Leisure Centre Project

Posted: 2017-09-30, in category: Uncategorised

Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters, Chemical Controllers & Poolside Systems, Corrosion Resistant Sometimes a project comes along which is as unique as it is exciting, and the addition of an iconic Sapphire Ice Leisure Centre in Romford, Essex is a perfect example! This ground breaking scheme will see the construction of what will appear from the… Read more »

High Performance Pools

Posted: 2017-07-06, in category: Uncategorised

High Quality Range of Spares for Swimming Pools, Therapy Pools, Spas, Pool Installation & Maintenance   Today’s indoor pools have a lot to live up to when it comes to all the different elements within their environment. Ventilation, dehumidification, air heating, air quality and pool water heating all feature in the management of a pool…. Read more »