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Buying a Metal or Plastic Shed

Posted: 2014-12-08, in category: Uncategorized


High Quality Metal & Plastic Sheds & Low Maintenance Outdoor Storage Solutions

People looking to purchase items such as garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings, are increasingly likely to settle themselves in front of their computer, laptop or mobile phone. This is a much more convenient and speedy way of finding the perfect product at the right price, than traipsing from shop to shop.

However, when searching online it is wise to exercise a modicum of caution and common sense. Images and descriptions can be extremely impressive when viewed on a screen from a distance, and when coupled with a remarkably low price, most people can be tempted.

Review sites are full of warnings from disappointed shed recipients, who have waited in happy anticipation for the arrival of their amazing bargain. Their misplaced optimism is frequently short lived as they gazed at the inferior, flimsily constructed carbuncle in front of them! Even when the shed, garage or workshop seemed fine and took pride of place in their garden, it wasn’t long before the first specks of rust began to appear on the shed signalling that its days were numbered.

You can avoid this situation, or at least render it highly unlikely, by performing a few checks before ordering your new metal or plastic shed. By searching on the internet for the name and manufacturer of the product along with the company you are considering buying from, you will get a good idea about the product and whether or not its what you are looking for. Check the company contact details and information about what they offer including returns and refunds. If enough people agree about the quality or deficiency of something, there is usually some truth there.

Our web promotion partners SM Garden Sheds, are specialists in the supply of a huge range of outdoor storage buildings from some of the biggest garden shed manufacturers. Amongst their excellent products you will find metal sheds like the market leading Lotus collection. These revolutionary, light clad sheds are constructed using high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel, and are the highest specification light clad sheds on the market. Design innovation and extreme performance components set the Lotus range apart, and are the reason that they have become so popular .

For a functional and long lasting plastic shed the Lifetime selection provides outstanding quality and features. These secure, low maintenance storage buildings are composed of steel reinforced high density polyethylene [HDPE], and incorporate UV protection. Models in this versatile range come with integral stain resistant floor, steeply pitched roofs, 1.8m walls, screened vents and skylights. Robust pad-lockable double doors, handles with button catch mechanisms and separate internal bolts add to their appeal.

SM Garden Sheds offer uncompromising customer service and competitive prices, call them on 0845 601 6299

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