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Posted: 2018-03-25, in category: Uncategorised

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The sunshine has certainly been making itself known in the last few days, and you may be chomping at the bit to get outdoors and do a spot of gardening. Or you may be looking out at the garden and wondering what to plant this year in the way of flowers, shrubs and bushes. If the sound of buzzing or flapping sends you running indoors for cover read no further, but if the thought of a garden full of nature and wildlife thrills you, read on.

If you are fed up with the same old plants, you could try a different approach and concentrate on flowers and bushes that attract bees, butterflies, birds and the like. A wildlife garden will present you with colours and fragrances to die for, and you will be giving creatures a helping hand. It’s a sad fact that due to the expansion of the urban environment, large scale industrialisation and intensive agriculture, many species have suffered through loss of their habitat. Since the 1950’s 96% of wild meadows have disappeared, so cultivating a garden that encourages wildlife is a positive step.

Most of us are aware that the bee population has been drastically reduced in the last few decades, because of factors like insecticides and habitat depletion. The same can be said for other insects, birds and small mammals, many of which play a major role in pollinating plants and maintaining a natural balance. As part of this process pests are controlled naturally limiting damage to crops etc, so it actually benefits us to protect endangered species.

If you don’t want to change the entire layout of your garden, you could simply use a section and allow grass to grow unchecked, and sew wildflower seeds here. This can sit happily amid your garden shed, furniture or water feature. The result will be a pretty meadowland of your own that will look and smell heavenly, and attract beneficial insects.

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